Does Eleanor Forgive Drea In Do Revenge?

Does Eleanor Forgive Drea In Do Revenge? ...

The newly released dark teen comedy on Netflix is certainly funny. However, it has a plot twist that no one would ever think about.

Drea and Eleanor become best friends at the start of the film. They both empathize with each other and help each other Do Revenge. Eleanor tells her how when she was thirteen she went camping and she came out to a girl, but the girl falsely accused her of kissing her, which ruined Eleanor's life.

Eleanor tries to sabotage Maxs by leaking texts. Drea accused Carissa the girl from the camp of drugging the whole school and growing mushrooms on the school farm.

Drea thinks Eleanor is cheating her by forgetting to send Maxs a text. She contacts Carissa to inform her that Eleanor framed her for drugging the school. However, she discovers that the girl from the camp Eleanor told her about was actually her.

Eleanor was not at her side this time, but rather was attempting to ruin her life.

Later at the Admissions Party, they realize that they were both wrong and they enjoyed each other's company. They both forgive each other and bring Max down together. At the end of the film, they both skip their graduation and become best friends.

If you are wondering if Russ and Drea get together, here's a list of answers.

Do Revenge is a story about Popular Drea's desire to venge her boyfriend for publishing her sex tape, and exchange student Eleanor's desire to be silent about a rumor. The two teenagers join forces to confront their foes.