Tatiana Maslany's Best Clones for 'Orphan Black'

Tatiana Maslany's Best Clones for 'Orphan Black' ...

Tatiana Maslany was best known for her astoundingly amazing performance in the BBC America/Space series Orphan Black, which earned her a well-deserved Emmy. So it's only fair to go down memory lane and rank her performance based on her greatest clones.

Alison Hendrix

Alison Hendrix is easily dismissed as a classic, uptight female character we've grown to love seeing on screen. Alison Hendrix is easily the most engaging, juggling her knowledge of Neolution (the scientific movement that leads to the birth of the clones) with her family's need to keep her family safe. Nevertheless, Tatiana Maslany's exceptional performance makes the situation every bit as unpleasant as it would be for someone as straight-laced as Alison.

Cosima Niehaus

Cosima, a US scientist who is very close to Alison and Sarah, initially aiding Beth and Sarah in establishing their origins, is a standout due to how different she appears as a clone from the other clones.


Maslanay could have slapped it down for a second while playing Helena, as well as an antagonist and a primary antagonist in the series.

Sarah Manning

Sarah, the series' lead character, is essentially our gateway into the series and the world of clones. Although a character like this risks being a bit boring, Maslany manages to keep Sarah interesting to watch, even when she isn't as overt as Helena or Rachel. There's no complicated accent or fancy appearance for this character, which makes it harder to follow even if Sarah is the default clone that we start with.

Krystal Godertich

Krystal Godertich is another fun addition to the cast from her very first season 3, making her a character that is always surprised. Tatiana Maslany is a talented comedian who can use her talent to add some humor to the series.