In the MW2 Beta Insane Movement Trick Returns

In the MW2 Beta Insane Movement Trick Returns ...

Despite the mechanics' apparent removal, players are already discovering a new way to slide cancel in the MW2 Beta.

Slide canceling is a major feature of Modern Warfare and Warzone. The movement option allows talented players to move around the map with ease, while making themselves harder to hit.

A successful slide cancel resets a player's Tactical Sprint, guaranteeing that they can move faster than players unfamiliar with the trick.

Activision disclosed that slide cancellation as we know it is no longer in Modern Warfare 2. However, players are already discovering a new method to slide cancel, which might be quicker than ever.

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How to Enable Slide Canceling in Modern Warfare 2 Beta

  • First, youll need to press the options or start button on your controller, and go scroll across to Settings using R1/RB.
  • Select Controller.
  • Scroll down to Automatic Sprint above and change it to Automatic Tactical Sprint. This setting isnt mandatory but it will make slide-canceling easier in MW2.
  • Scroll down to Weapon Mount Activation, and set it to Double-Tap ADS.
  • Hit R1/RB to head to Advanced settings and scroll down to Grounded Mantle, setting it to Off.
  • Below that, make sure Automatic Ground Mantle is also set to Off.

Now that you have all of the settings set, here's how to perform the new slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2.

Here's a complete breakdown on the best controller settings for MW2.

How to Slide Cancel in MW2

  • First tactical sprint by pressing L3 / the left Analog Stick.
  • Tap slide (O/B).
  • Rapidly Aim Down Sights twice (L2/LT x 2)
  • Then jump (X/A)

Execute this sequence in close succession and youll have a slide cancel! It may take some practice to get it just right, but it appears to be equally as easy, or simpler than it was previously.

Modern Warfare 2 requires 120 FPS to keep things running smoothly in the game. A lot of gamers are discovering that their game was not properly setup from the start!

In this video below, streamer Geeky Pastimes demonstrates a quick how to slide cancel guide, but if youre struggling to get the movement tech down:

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