In a road film FPS game, Phantom Fury evokes Duke Nukem and Half-Life

In a road film FPS game, Phantom Fury evokes Duke Nukem and Half-Life ...

3D Realms has unveiled a Phantom Fury reveal trailer for its Ion Fury sequel, a classic FPS game that tries to take inspiration from Half-Life and the original Duke Nukem Forever reveal to create a bombastic road movie FPS adventure. Phantom Fury wears the pride of a classic PC game.

Shelly Bombshell Harrison goes across the United States in search of a deadly artifact known as the Demon Core, which is now a bionic arm, according to Phantom Fury, a game developed by former Rise of the Triad director Frederik Schreiber.

With over 20 weapons at your disposal, including returning favorites like the hand-rolled Bowling Bombs and newcomers such as electrified foam shooting devices and eployable drones, you should have a ton of new ways to approach situations. Plenty of unlockable abilities and upgrades promise even more ways to personalize your playstyle and youll need it to face the strange and terrible horrors that await you.

Watch out for some of the trailer's references, such as nods to the original Duke Nukem Forever revelation and a brief glimpse of someone who appears to be John R. Blade from classic first-person shooter SiN in the final moments.

Phantom Fury is scheduled to be released in 2023 and is now available on Steam.

A Rise of the Triad remaster is also on the way, as well as a Prodeus release date for the Doom-style retro shooter. If you're interested in something more new, check out the Modern Warfare 2 beta release date.