After the Oscar incident, Jada Pinkett Smith flaunts her bald head on Instagram

After the Oscar incident, Jada Pinkett Smith flaunts her bald head on Instagram ...

Jada Pinkett Smith, who is now 50 years old, acknowledged the occasion on Tuesday by posting a photo in which she can be seen sporting a new hairstyle and looking flawlessly made up. She captioned the photo, Satisfied Bald is an attractive day to all my brothers as well as siblings without any hair, referring to the fact that she had no hair.

She has always had short hair, but recently she has become completely bald due to the effects of alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss.

Despite being praised for her unique appearance, it has also prompted jokes about her.

Chris Rock joked that she might play G.I. Jane's lead character at the 2022 Academy Awards. This was followed by Will Smith striking him after appearing to learn how shocked Jada was by the statement after hearing it.

Jada addressed the situation in a subsequent appearance on Red Table Talk. She expressed her desire that these two intellectual and experienced individuals have a chance to heal, discuss, and reconcile.

After an incident in Oscar 2022, Will Smith has been banned from SNL.

Jada Pinkett Smith's Response to the 2022 Academy Awards

Will has been attempting to reach out to Chris for some time now, but his efforts have been fruitless until now. In 2018, a joke about her alopecia prompted her husband to stand up for her at the Academy Awards.

Jada caught the attention of the crowd in the late parts of March when Chris presented a Best Documentary Award. He alludes to the 1997 film Demi Moore and G.I. Jane.

Demi spends the majority of the movie bald. The cameras caught Jada sarcasticly eye rolling in response. When Will returned to the stage, Will could be seen marching to the comic ferociously and then punching him with his open palm.

Chris, who was left stunned, said, Will Smith just slapped the s**t out of me. After then, Will yelled, Keep my wife's name from your f***ing lips!

After Chris replied, keep my wife's name off your lips! It was a G.I. Jane joke, buddy. Even when everything went according to plan, many people were surprised by Will being allowed to remain in the crowd. In the end, Will resigned from his position at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

After that, he was banned from attending Academy events for an additional decade. In the end, the actor from iRobot apologized on both Facebook and Instagram.

He apologized to Chris in front of everybody, saying, "I want to apologize publicly." I am slapped, and my actions were not typical of the man I want to be. Violence is prohibited in a world of love and generosity. I made mistakes.

Chris is said to have apologized via a video posted to YouTube later this year, which he is said to have addressed on his next tour with Dave Chappelle.