You Might Have Missed These 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' Season 5 Easter Eggs

You Might Have Missed These 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' Season 5 Easter Eggs ...

Editor's Note: The following article includes spoilers for She-Hulk Episodes 1-5.

Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is feeling Mean, Green, and Straight Enough Wearing These Jeans as she battles her own pseudonym. During this process, Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) and Augustus Pug Pugliese (Josh Segarra) seek out a discreet and exclusive costume designer in the hopes of bringing Jen some new She-Hulk-sized outfits for her limited wardrobe.

Is Pug the Sneakerhead a Hint at Other Marvel Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Pug, Jens' co-worker and friend, returns in Episode 5 and gives us a closer look at his personality and interests. Mostly, he is a devout sneakerhead, as he asks Nikki to drop the Iron Man Threes. Of course, he plans to buy two when Nikki becomes a stand-in customer.

Pug's sneaker exploits are certainly successful, with him showing off his huge collection to Nikki with Iron Man Threes in hand. Other notable items include Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and The Thing of the Fantastic Four.

Avongers, Assemble!

Pug contacts his Drip Broker to find a designer who can fabricate superhuman-sized clothes, and the pair heads to Cafe Beau-Ba, an unassuming Boba cafe that serves as a superhuman clothing shop.

After Pug and Nikki tell the employee that they know, he puts them to the back. Instead, the drip brokers contact is a bootlegger that sells knockoff Avengers merchandise. Hulk is purple, Thor uses a shovel instead of his hammer, and almost all of the heroes' colors are inversed.

Trademark Trial Opens Up Identity Issues

Jen is in a legal battle against Titania (Jameela Jamil) for her own name, She-Hulk. Titania, the super-powered social media influencer, copied the name and plastered it onto her new line of products, like She-Hulk foot exfoliants. Basically, there is a non-FDA-approved Titania-licensed She-Hulk product for it.

The company's reputation is heightened by Jen's boss, Holden Holliway (Steve Coulter), who asks her on the billboard he displayed a She-Hulk booty boost smoothie. As Holliway points out, GLK&H created She-Hulk (not Jen) as the face of the superhuman law division.

She-Hulk vs Jen continues to be a common theme throughout the episodes. Though they share the same perception and are essentially Jen in two different media, they are still different. Mallory Book, Jen's prosecuting attorney, testifies in court that the men she previously dated were interested in her She-Hulk appearance, not Jen. The trademark trial, which Jen dejectedly won, is more than just a fight for her name, but it will likely continue to be explored in future episodes.

Real vs Pseudonym Monikers

What is the difference between Thor and Spider-Man? What is the difference between Captain America and Doctor Strange? Besides the costumes, colors, and abilities, the difference in question is in their monikers. Like many other heroes, Spider-Man and Captain America use monikers to differentiate themselves from their alter-egos.

Jens claims she didnt realize she needed to trademark her name, but she includes other superheroes as examples. Did Doctor Strange have to trademark his name, did Thor? Shes immediately reminded that those two heroes use their own names, while she uses a pseudonym as She-Hulk.

The moment feels like an Infinity War sequence in which Spidey meets Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and introduces himself as Spider-Man. When Stephen reciprocates, Peter mistakes it for his pseudonym moniker and revises his introduction, now as Spider-Man.

Jens' identity dilemma is reverberated once again. Is She-Hulk a pseudonym, or is it more defined than that? Ideally, now that she has the rights restored, it is beneficial to ask those questions, although it is tiring.


Titania is the one to officially make the connection. She-Hulk mocks She-Hulk, exclaiming, Nice suit, Shrek. Its a cliche comment that isn't followed up by any retaliation, but the reference has more than enough merit to stand on its own.

Titania should know not to compare She-Hulk to an ogre when it's appropriate. At the very least, Titania might have chosen Fiona, but there'sn't as much snark in that option. She-Hulk needs a makeover, though.

Luke the Supersuit Designer

Nikki and Pug are looking for an exclusive supersuit designer who claims She-Hulk to be an Avenger. He is also able to arrange a consultation with Luke Jacobson (Griffin Matthews) to discuss She-Hulk's clothing needs. Luke is eccentric and confident, and rightfully so.

Jen explains that she only wants a basic business suit, much to Lukes' chagrin, but Nikki presents a challenge for him: a suit that will fit Jen in both human and She-Hulk form.

Jen shows off her transformation between the two forms, and with a surprised look on his face, Luke is back in. The challenge is something he cant pass up as he has never outfitted a Hulk before. When Jen returns later on to get her suits, Luke informs her that he has made her something more, likely her purple and white supersuit.

The Dates Reprise

Jen remembers her dating profile when the judge informs Jen and Mallory that they will need more evidence of previous She-Hulk usage to win their case and regain their rights. Regretfully, she realizes that the dating account she created for her She-Hulk self is the perfect example of previous usage, but shell needs some witnesses to support her claims.

Jen used the name She-Hulk but also describes her as a try-hard. Date 2, who manages to mention that he is a writer, confirms the usage, but admits that she was initially irritated by the term She-Hulk but eventually accepted it. Date 4, the hot doctor who split when She-Hulk became No-Hulk, admitted that he would not have gone on the date if She-Hulk had presented himself instead.

Jen Walters' testimony is needed to win the case, but it is humiliating and heartbreaking for her to have to hear such a statement and relive the embarrassment once more. Her clothing, work, and love life all are greatly affected by which form she chooses. But as Mallory reminds Jen post-trial, she can and certainly deserves better.

Client Confidentiality AKA Daredevil

Who is Luke working with? It's none other than Daredevil, the Man Without Fear himself. At the end of the episode, Luke picks up a box and scoffs, stating that items shouldn't be left out in the open due to its danger to client confidentiality. Right before the episode's end, the camera pushes in towards the box to reveal a horned mask. And if you look closely, the Daredevils (Charlie Cox) outfit is irre

The subtle, unpredictable reveal is the ideal way to enthuse Daredevils' new role in She-Hulk, as he has long been anticipated. Depending on the mid-season teaser, which gives Matt the most of Matt/Daredevil yet, they will work together both as lawyers and heroes, giving Matt a chance to meet Jen outside of her She-Hulk self.

The inclusion of a post-credit scene in Mean, Green, and Straight provided enough to keep fans interested until next week. Regardless, she-hulk's main antagonist has yet to be revealed.