The Shulk & Rex revelation in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has sparked fan speculation

The Shulk & Rex revelation in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has sparked fan speculation ...

As announced in the most recent Nintendo Direct, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will receive DLC. However, the substantial story addition later in the year is the real attraction.

Shulk, the protagonist in the first game, cries, "Is this really what you want?" After an older, grizzled Rex from XC2 says, "nothing's gonna get through to him, he's a heartless machine." Before we get a look at Noah, who appears a little different from the XC3 base game.

What is on everyone's minds is, how do Shulk and Rex interact with this enthralling Alvis from the first game? How can Shulk look quite the same, while Rex has grown up about forty years from the looks of it? Some megafans have formulated theories.

The first thing to come to mind is, of course, a little confusion. "The most distressing part about all of this is that, because of the nature of XC3, we still have no clue whether the new campaign is a prequel or sequel," says Animan_10.

Kostya_M may have the answer: “I have this idea for a while. Basically, we play as the original Founders before becoming soldiers. The main events will be after 3, but they'll have flashes of memory from their many lives on Aionios.”

“That might make sense, as Shulk has both arms and Rex has both eyes in this image.” In fact, the founders' statues in the City in XC3 depict Shulk and Rex, except the former has an arm and the latter an eye.

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