Tower of Fantasy's Warren Snowfield Travel Log locations

Tower of Fantasy's Warren Snowfield Travel Log locations ...

In Tower of Fantasy, you may do many things, but one of the most breathtaking activities is finding the Travel Logs. These logs are scenic points in all regions on the map, and when you arrive there, you must interact with them to get a scenic image and some rewards. However, finding and reaching these scenic points is tricky, especially in Warren Snowfields.

All travel log locations in Warren Snowfield

Warren Snowfield has four different Travel Logs, each of which rewards you with 20 dark crystals and 20 exploration points. As an added bonus, each of these logs gives you a stunning visual. It's worth looking for all of them.

The first Travel Log location is west of the Saag Passage area. You must trek the snowy mountains and look for two big red heaters blowing out cold winds. In the middle of these heaters is the viewpoint for the Aarniel Fortress Travel Log.

North of the Saag Passage area, you may find the second Travel Log. Take the stairs up the steep hills there, and be careful not to go down at any point. Continue going to the marker on the map, and eventually, on one of the hills, you will see the Silvercrown Forest Travel Log.

The location for this travel log is just east of Spacerift: Warren Snow Peak. Start up from there and proceed to the destination. In front of the river, on a hill, you will find the Naa Fjords Travel Log.

Look for a heart-shaped mountain southwest of Warren Snowfield Omnium tower to find the Saag Passage Travel Log. The small cliffs will make climbing difficult, and you will need to go slowly.