Pre-registrations for Ace Racer on mobile devices are coming to an end

Pre-registrations for Ace Racer on mobile devices are coming to an end ...

Ace Racer is coming to mobile next month, and you'll have a chance to test drive a whole fleet of different cars, each with its own unique abilities, then go to a variety of re-world courses in the speed festival competition.

Go fender to fender with other players from across the world, leveraging skills and abilities from your racing dreams, whether your car is breaking through walls or completely transforms. The game has a fast-paced and competitive feel, with each round lasting about one minute. This allows you to enter and exit a fast-paced race wherever you are without worrying about your time commitment.

Ace Racer includes more than 100 official cars from over 25 well-known car manufacturers, including an authentic Porsche 911, a Nissan GT-R, and more. You may even personalize your dream automobile by using paint, stickers, lights, personal license plates, and other materials.

When does the Ace Racer release date lie?

The Ace Racer's release date has been set for March 16, 2023. NetEase has confirmed that the game will be available in the following regions.

  • Japan
  • North America
  • South Korea
  • Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan regions
  • Southeast Asia

What steps do I need to take to get Ace Racer pre-registrations?

If you live in one of the regions mentioned above, you may sign up for Ace Racer pre-registrations by going to the official website and entering your email address. These include in-game currency, raffle tickets, a cool helmet, and a cute outfit in the run-up to the March 16 release date.

Ace Racer's release date is up to you. Are you ready to burn the race, ace? For more fast and furious fun, check out our list of the best racing games on mobile.