Michael Myers' Portrayals, Ranked for Halloween

Michael Myers' Portrayals, Ranked for Halloween ...

This October's Halloween Ends will be the last installment in the Michael Myers saga, and fans know that Michael Myers will be returning in some form in the future. After all, you can't kill The Boogeyman.

Michaels Myers has spooked horror fans as The Shape for 44 years. The original Halloween in 1978, John Carpenters' film, was etched in film history a slasher icon that would spawn so many sequels and imitations, from the great casting of Jamie Lee Curtis as the final girl Laurie Strode, to the simple yet frightening music.

It's also important who was behind the mask. Some portrayals of Michael Myers are well-known, while others are criticized less favorably. Even if you can't see the actors face, the man behind the mask has always been an essential component of any film's success.

8.Chris Durand in Halloween H20 (1998)

Jamie Lee Curtis was cast in this Steve Miner directed sequel to Halloween 2, which included a tense duet between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. The film was a smash hit, grossing $75 million worldwide, and resurrecting a series that had been worn out. Durand was also harmed by an awful mask, including one that had extra wide eyes, giving us too much of his facial features.

Don Shanks in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

The Boogeyman was a flop, although Donald Pleasance was still alive. Danielle Harris was the only child actor who acted in the previous entry, but Michael Myers' performance left the film in a lame repeat of Halloween 4.

Brad Loree in Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

The worst Halloween film is the one that comes to mind for many. Michael Myers was beheaded and very much dead in the opening scene, only to wander around and murder young adults shooting an internet series in his childhood home. The film's only fault is that it has been forgotten.

George P. Wilbur in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

George P. Wilbur is the first man to play Michael Myers twice. His time under the mask resulted in two completely different versions of The Shape. Myers was brought back from the dead in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Everything that could go wrong with the mask is too thick, removing much of the creepiness factor. In one rare moment, the mask is even pink with blonde hair.

4.Tyler Mane in Rob Zombies Halloween (2007) and Halloween 2 (2009)

Tyler Mane is the largest Michael Myers by far. One might argue that it's not a good thing. What made The Shape work was that he was a man, and that he could be anything. Here, director Rob Zombie portrays Myers as a hulking monster, who helps them get the mask right, but also transforms The Shape into a force we've never seen before.

3.Dick Warlock in Halloween 2 (1981)

The Terminator is no longer a curious kid, but a shadow in the background in this first sequel to the 1978 film. Warlock does his best to be as similar as Nick Castle in Halloween, while also going in his own direction. His Michael Myers is more robotic, the moves slower and more rigid.

'Halloween,' (2018), 'Halloween Kills,' (2021), and 'Halloween Ends' (2022) are two of James Jude Courtney.

James Jude Courtney is the oldest actor to play Michael Myers three times, having previously played the Boogeyman in the David Gordon Greens Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills, and this year Halloween Ends. He is also the man behind the rotting and now burnt mask for the entirety of the film, with his only appearance being a few scenes for Nick Castle.

1.Nick Castle in Halloween (1978)

Nick Castle's performance is what made all of the other actors possible. Ironically, Carpenter didn't pay much attention to who would play Myers in the film's culmination. He turns his head to the side and back, taking in what he sees. It's the quiet moments that make movie magic and film history.