The Plane Is Gets a Sequel Title (Wait for It) Ship

The Plane Is Gets a Sequel Title (Wait for It) Ship ...

According to Variety, a followup film for "Plane" is already on the high seas. "Ship," a sequel to the Gerard Butler thriller, will begin production later this year.

"Ship" will be set on a boat, focusing on Mike Colter's character from the original "Plane," Louis Gaspare, who is currently in hiding. Butler, who led "Plane" as commercial pilot Brodie Torrance, will return to the project in a supporting role or a cameo appearance, but original director Jean-Fran├žois Richet will be back as an executive producer.

Gaspare was one of the passengers on Flight 119, a regular international excursion that turned into a disaster when a storm forced Torrance to land in the rebel-controlled Philippine island Jojo. The film started with Gaspare staying behind on the island to allow Torrance to escape before going into the wilderness.

Gaspare embarks on a mission to capture the vessel's captain and free the captives, picking up where the first film left off.

"Ship"'s producers will be MadRiver Pictures, Di Bonaventura Pictures, and G-BASE Productions. CAA Media Finance will handle domestic financing, and The Veterans will shop the film's international rights at the European Film Market, which will begin Thursday alongside the Berlin Film Festival.

The original "Plane" was distributed by Lionsgate on a $25 million budget since its release on January 13th. The film received relatively positive reviews upon its release; in his review, IndieWire Chief Film Critic David Ehrlich characterized the thriller as "strong, weathered, and no-frills."