Many PSVR 2 versions of their PSVR 1 games are being worked on, according to a report

Many PSVR 2 versions of their PSVR 1 games are being worked on, according to a report ...

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that PSVR 2 isn't backwards compatible, but according to a reliable insider, a lot of developers are working on PSVR 2 versions of their PSVR 1 games. YouTuber PSVR Without Parole responded to a follower on Twitter who expressed concern about the lack of backwards compatibility, and stated that PSVR 2 versions of some older games are still in the works.

Why isnt PSVR 2 backwards compatible?

We will, though! As we speak, tens of thousands of developers are working on PSVR2 versions of their PSVR1 games!

PSVR2 Without Parole (@parolePSVR) on September 16, 2022

Hideaki Nishino, PSVR 2's Senior Vice President of Platform Experience at PlayStation, believes the system is too advanced for older games, and the company is committed to providing a true next-gen experience.

PSVR games are not compatible with PSVR 2, because PSVR 2 is designed to be a truly next-generation VR experience. PSVR includes far more advanced capabilities such as an all-new controller with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and inside-out tracking eye tracking, 3D audio, and HDR.

Sony can afford to scupper the original PSVR headset. It's still a niche product with a limited audience, so any impact would be minimal. PSVR 1 isn't anything close to the PS4 where the install base is far too great to avoid.

PSVR Without Parole did not reveal what PSVR 2 games would be rebuilt, we're guessing that hits like Astro Bot Rescue Mission would be on the way. We'll update our readers when we have further information.

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