When Will Leap-Frog Make His Full Appearance on She-Hulk?

When Will Leap-Frog Make His Full Appearance on She-Hulk? ...

Jennifer Walters and Nikki Ramos travel to Luke Jacobsons clothing factory to enhance Jens wardrobe as she becomes a public figure in Marvel StudiosShe-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Fans may see a blonde-haired man walking past the pair as they enter the studio later in the episode.

This guy has a suit bag in his arm, indicating that he is also a client of Jacobsons with a super suit now in tow.

Brandon Stanley, who was previously confirmed to play the superhero Leap-Frog later in the series, appears to be the actor based on the back of the characters' heads.

Stanley was also present at the world premiere event for She-Hulkin in Los Angeles, California.

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Stanley was seen wearing the Leap-Frog outfit a few times throughout the show's promotional run, although his full role in the show remains a mystery.

Stanleys played Eugene Patilio, who's alter-ego is Leap-Frog in Marvel Comics, until the credits rolled on Episode 5.

When Will Leap-Frog Make His Full Arrival?

Although he is still controversial, She-Hulks trailers have shown off a couple of glimpses of the comic's bizarre and wild interpretation of Frog-Man, although his inclusion still raises plenty of questions. The first trailer showed him for a split second, while the second one showed him blasting off into the air, and this episode 5 only teases the beginning of his journey through the show.

After the Asgardian Light Elf, Donny Blaze, and the Sorcerer Supreme Wong, Leap-Frog might be the next fun character to get the attention of She-Hulk. And with Daredevils' appearance in the show likely to come sooner than expected, She-Hulk's other important green character might be in line to take the spotlight.

The first five episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are now available on Disney+.