Bleach: As Nodts The Fear Will Wipe Out Soul Society

Bleach: As Nodts The Fear Will Wipe Out Soul Society ...

As Nodt is a Quincy and a member of the Wandenreichs Sternritter with the designation F The Fear. In fact, he is a sinister and peculiar-looking Quincy with great power. He can instill terror and fear throughout the battlefield to weaken even his strongest adversaries.

Power and Abilities of As Nodt

The Fear: As Nodts power is The Fear, a skill that can instill terror and fear in his opponents. His attacks have relatively little physical damage, but the Fears effects do more than make up for it.

A single injury will induce profound fear in the victim, causing them to question everything, lose control of all rational thought, and see visions of their deepest fears. Usually, this would kill a person instantly because their heart couldt bear such a shock.

Although everyone will eventually give in to this fear, experience and willpower can help them deal with it in some measure. When the thorns pierce an object, a black substance of fear spreads. It can even travel through objects to induce fear in a foe.

The thorns do not need to be injured to instill fear in their target.

Reishi Manipulation: As a Quincy, he absorbs spiritual energy from the environment and combine it with his own spiritual energy to form weapons. He gathers this energy more easily in environments with higher concentrations of Reishi, such as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. He uses advanced Quincy techniques like Hirenkyaku Expert and a Blut Vene during his battles.

Great Spiritual Power

As Nodt's spiritual power is at an all-time high, comparable to or greater than that of a captain-level Shinigami. This was demonstrated when he swiftly defeated 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki. His Reiatsu can unsettle an adversary by making them believe someone is touching them.

As can concentrate spirit energy and particles to make weapons by focusing them near him. His favorite weapon are a group of luminous thorns that float close to him. These thorns are used to brutally impale victims and can easily penetrate the bodies of a captain-class Shinigami. The thorns can be fired at high speed at an enemy.

Quincy: Vollstandig

Tatarforas: As Nodt turns his left eye back, he discovers a Wandenreich symbol on the inside of his eyeball, in the form of a barbed wire.

Each eye receives a stream of blood, and his cloak has a thread of stitches running down the front. His wings are almost negligible because he only has a circular barbed wire on his back. His eyes are completely rolled back, and a black substance is all over his forearms.

In this form, the ability to feel fear is greatly enhanced. He does not need to gnash them with his thorns in order for them to feel fear. All they need to do is see him because fear enters their bodies via their optic nerves.

With the iris tilted up, he can create a dome between himself and his opponent that is covered with a lot of big eyes. This way, his opponent will never be able to escape his attention, which will keep them feeling scared.

As can wreak havoc on his body by twisting the stitching down his front, opening up a massive face that resembles his own. As his body absorbs the many eyes created by his Fear ability, As tears its way out of his body.

His ribcage is visible, and his lower torso is a tentacled mass rather than legs. His face is severely deformed, with missing teeth, sagging skin, and eyeballs melting out of their sockets. The shattered remains of his upper body hangs from his chin.

Equipment used by As Nodt:

Each Sternritter has a single Quincy medallion, a round device the size of a persons palm with the Wandenreich insignia etched on its surface. When activated, the device has the ability to steal any currently released Bankai in its immediate vicinity. The owner of the medallion has complete control over the stolen Bankai's power.