Hippogriff Marks the Spot in Hogwarts Legacy: How to Use Henriettas Map to Find the Treasure

Hippogriff Marks the Spot in Hogwarts Legacy: How to Use Henriettas Map to Find the Treasure ...

Players in Hogwarts Legacy have several choices about their Hogwarts House, cosmetics, and how they want to play the game. So, if you like to complete side content or earn all of the achievements in a game, you may do that.

The Hippogriff Marks the Spot is a side quest that you may encounter. Despite this, certain requirements must be fulfilled to unlock it. If you have completed two objectives, you'll need to locate the treasure on a map.

What are your thoughts on using Henrietta's map to uncover the treasure?

How to Use Henrietta's Map in Hippogriff Marks the Spot

To unlock this quest, you must complete the main quest, Tomes and Tribulations. You will be tasked with the following tasks: retrieve the rolled parchment from the table in Poidsear Castle and use Henrietta's Map to locate the treasure.

The first goal is relatively easy to complete. Visit Poidsear Castle and follow the quest marker to collect Henrietta's map from a table inside the castle grounds.

When you open the map, it displays where you need to go as well as other relevant puzzle information.

The next objective will be to go to Henrietta's Hideaway, a dungeon in the Manor Cape area.

When you mark Henrietta's Hideaway, you'll be shown a pathway to the entrance. However, you can still find the entrance down the southeast cliff steps. After entering the dungeon, you'll need to cast Incendio on the left statue. This section of the wall will be hidden.

Accio must be re-cast on the cube and moved to the left pedestal.

Henrietta's map explains where you need to cast Incendio and Glacius, but the cubes also indicate which spells must be used on them. So, cast Incendio on the left and Glacius on the right.

The rock wall between the pillars disappears, and a door opens, allowing you to defeat Ashwinder Rangers, Executioners, Soldiers, Duelists, and Scouts inside the room.

A massive Hippogriff statue is at the center of the room. As per Henrietta's map, you'll need to light and extinguish certain fires around the statue.

First, you'll need to cast Incendio and light all the fires. Then, using the map as your guide, cast Glacius to light the fires at positions two, five, six, and eight.

After you complete the puzzle, you may find your treasure chest through the hole in the far stone wall. Inside, you'll find your treasure, the Treasure-Seeker's Gloves.

This quest has many parts, but as long as you follow Henrietta's map directions, you may complete the Hogwarts Legacy The Hippogriff Marks the Spot quest.