Safety concerns have forced star VTuber Vox Akuma to postpone YouTube viewing indefinitely

Safety concerns have forced star VTuber Vox Akuma to postpone YouTube viewing indefinitely ...

Vox Akuma, a star of NIJISANJI VTuber, has canceled his YouTube streaming activities indefinitely, as of February 11. The steamer said he had received bad news from his family, and will continue to work until further notice.

The revelation contrasted dramatically with his familiar two-hour Nintendogs stream, which he had just completed broadcasting on YouTube at the time.

Vox is the most subscribed English male VTuber on the Google-owned video sharing platform, and was part of NIJISANJI's breakout Luxiem wave. Luxiem, along with Twitch independent VTuber Shoto, have been at the forefront of male talents in the English VTubing scene.

VTuber, the demon, has since reassured fans that he is currently in a secure place and that his situation is under control.

"Hey, just a tweet to let you all know that I'm okay. My situation is under control, but I will not be able to resume streaming until things improve," he wrote the following day. "Please be kind to one another and respect my privacy at this time."

FalseEyeD, a dedicated VTuber reporter, said the NIJISANJI VTuber is currently being investigated for a "major doxx assault." The streamer added that sensitive information, including the Vox's original home address, was leaked via a now-private Instagram account, which FalseEyeD claims is "connected to Vox on the level of a stalker."

Food and electronics were reported to have been included in the photographs on Vox's now-private Instagram account.

Vox is wishing the best, both for fans and fellow VTubers, while also offering their support and all the time he requires.

Ironmouse, the VShojo's reply, said, "I really hope you're okay." Continue to take care of yourself and if you need anything, let me know.

"I'm sure everyone would agree that your happiness and safety is foremost, so please take all the time you need," wrote independent Vermontuber Senz.