Like a Dragon: Ishin English dub Yakuza spin-off Just wouldn't work

Like a Dragon: Ishin English dub Yakuza spin-off Just wouldn't work ...

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has addressed the possibility of a Like a Dragon: Ishin English dub, with theRPG gameset coming out outside Japan next year.

Masayoshi Yokoyama, the Yakuza series' producer, gave the impression of a possible English dubbing for Like a Dragon: Ishin. The upcoming Like a Dragon: Ishin remake will not have that capability, according to the studio.

According to Yokoyama, a lot of people work with the settings for Japanese voices and English subtitles. Were not dubbing voice overs. Were translating the game into English, but the special vocabulary and the way people conversed during the Bakumatsu era would make the lines ridiculously long. So this time were doing subtitles.

The Bakumatsu period takes place in Japan between 1853 and 1867, with Yokoyama highlighting how culturally different the eras are, which might have an impact on any translated voice over work. From the very first Yakuza game, there was only Japanese voice acting until 2018's Judgment, which was followed by Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Yokoyama was also asked about how people outside of Japan arent used to reading subtitles most of the time, which is why the English voiceovers were added later down the line.

According to Yokoyama, they prefer to have voiceovers. For Yakuza 0, it was subtitled. And despite that, its very popular. Fans overseas who have been playing since that time still enjoy the games like that even today. In Japanese with English subtitles. They like Nakano and Kurodas voices so they want to hear their voices while they play.

The Yakuza spin-off teaser for the Like a Dragon 8 was also released recently, and it reveals how Kiryu and Ichiban will both be playable in the upcoming game. This Yakuza spin-off teases what happened to Kirya between the six and eight installments.