Amouranth finds AI stars on Twitch scary to think about, but they aren't all that harmful in her eyes

Amouranth finds AI stars on Twitch scary to think about, but they aren't all that harmful in her eye ...

During an on-stream conversation with xQc on February 12, Amouranth weighed in on the growing AI streaming debate. However, she doesn't think the new Twitch meta is all that bad.

Amouranth, one of the world's largest Twitch streamers, tries to stay on top of every changing trend and meta on the Amazon-owned site where she's built her broadcasting empire, including Just Chatting, hot tubs, and now the growing trend of artificial intelligence streamers on Twitch.

AI content is here to stay, and it may even expand in the future. “I think that that might be the way that content is going in the future for sure,” she says. Just because AI can actually look like humans now because no one wants to be grinding constantly.

Amouranth believes that more and more streamers will switch to artificial intelligence in the future, as they can be online all day without much effort beyond the initial program setup.

With the emergence of the Seinfield-inspired AI broadcasting show Nothing, Forever and Twitch streamers like Neuro-sama, AI has been a hot topic in streaming today. Since these streamers and programs are automated, the person behind them can relax and basically be hands-off until something drastic happens, such as Nothing, Forever's February prohibition.

"It's really frightening to think about. I think it's scary for the viewership but beneficial for the creator. You get vacation time, but then again, it's like, how parasocial are we making these consumers... are they just associating with machines with friends or lovers or whatever, kind of borderline like that movie Her?"

As it stands, the future of Twitch streamers is hazy. But prominent streamers like Amouranth and Pokimane have already expressed their opinions about it, and both seem to believe that artificial intelligence (AI) streaming might be the future on Twitch, YouTube, and online.