How to Find Treasure in the Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell quest using the Musical Map

How to Find Treasure in the Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell quest using the Musical Map ...

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world, action-packed, and immersive game set in the 1800s. As it was inspired by the Harry Potter novels, players may experience the joys and difficulties of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry while uncovering the mysteries of the wizarding world.

You may also encounter several bizarre and challenging side quests, each with a unique set of objectives. One of the most common side quests you may encounter is called Solved by the Bell. This quest requires you to complete two tasks: discovering an item and searching for treasure on a musical map.

So, how do you navigate the musical map in the Solved by the Bell quest to find treasure in Hogwarts Legacy?

Explained: How to Use the Musical Map to Find Treasure

To complete the Solved by the Bell quest, complete the main quest, Tomes and Tribulations. Once you've unlocked the Solved by the Bell quest, you'll be given two objectives: locate the item and use the musical map to locate the treasure.

To obtain the item, you must go to Henrietta's Hideaway, a dungeon in the Manor Cape region.

Follow the quest guide to find the entrance or go to the southeastern cliff and descend the steps when you arrive.

This next section will be familiar to those who have completed the Hippogriff Marks the Spot quest. You must complete the cube puzzle to complete it.

Incendio should be placed on the left statue of the dungeon, revealing a cube.

Accio may be cast on the cube and moved onto the left pedestal.

Cast Incendio on the left cube and Glacius on the right cube to unlock the hidden door between the two pillars.

Next, enter the next room, where you must defeat Ashwinder Soldiers, Rangers, Duelists, Executioners, Duelists, and Scouts.

Once you've defeated the Ashwinders, go down the stairs to the left and follow the path to the second level. At the first narrow walkway, cast Arresto Momentum on the left wall so you may pass it.

There is another Ashwinder for you to defeat in the next room. And even more as you go down into the next room.

Make your way to the alcove beneath the staircase after defeating all of the Ashwinders. As you approach the wall, it will open up a path.

As soon as you enter the next room, the musical map is located to your left.

Once you have found the map, you may proceed to the next goal: finding the treasure using the musical map.

The map tells you where you need to go and provides suggestions to assist you in solving the puzzle.

Travel to Clagmar Castle on the Clagmar Coast to complete the next objective.

After arriving, go inside the courtyard, and you'll see the bells to your left. To complete this challenge, you must hit the bells in the following order: nine, three, two, seven, three, one, six, and seven.

If you follow the correct sequence, a familiar tune will be played, and your chest will appear to your left.

The Treasure-Seeker's Longcoat will be kept inside the chest.

Although it is lengthy and difficult, this is how to utilize the musical map to find treasure in the Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell quest.