Exiles Reach: How a WoW player miraculously reached his maximum level

Exiles Reach: How a WoW player miraculously reached his maximum level ...

Some World of Warcraft players are extremely creative individuals who, after 20 years of playing the game, discover new and unique approaches to simple actions such as leveling. This time around we will focus on Chico, a Monk who started their adventures at Exile's Reach and stayed until their quest to reach the max level was completed.

Chico completed 200 account-wide quests in all, including level 25 Chrominius' Arcane Explosion, while on Exile's Reach, the game's starting zone for beginner players that gradually introduces you to questing, specializations, and other pleasures.

Chico explains why they chose to embark on this quest in a post on WoW's subreddit.

Because it's the ideal solo player way to level a character. You never lose out to another player, dungeon boss, or group with anyone else. You'll just have to do it for fun. You can also do this if you don't want to level a class/spec but you want it at max level. Leveling from 60 to 70 takes around 60 irl days and takes about 5 minute per day if you have 1 character at any level parked at each of the pet battle trainers

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For anyone considering following Chico's methods, it's worth noting that there are no mailboxes on the island at all, and players on Exile's Reach may only purchase goods from the mobile auction house with Neutral Pandarens.