Here are the top 5 MTG cards from Phyrexia: All Will Be One for Standard

Here are the top 5 MTG cards from Phyrexia: All Will Be One for Standard ...

The new set Phyrexia: All Will Be One from Magic: The Gathering has had a significant impact on Standard, including by introducing new archetypes to the format.

Toxic features a series of new Equipment support and big-mana finishers in each color, giving decks the top-end threats to reward patient gameplans. There are a slew of new cards that have been introduced in the set, from rare planeswalkers to threatening creatures that are impossible to remove.

Following the release of the set, five stand out as having the greatest impact on the Standard format. Here are the best cards from ONE for Standard.

Tyrranax Rex

Carnage Tyrant isn't exactly that, but it's still quite tough to remove and immediately enters the battlefield as the largest and worst-performing creature on most boards. Tyrranax Rex is a seven-mana 8/8 with Trample, Ward 4, and Haste, which can't be fought, but it can finish the game in a few combat steps either through damage or with its Toxic 4 ability. This is a massive Mythic Rare pile of stats and abilities that will help

Rotpriest of the Venetian Order

Venerated Rotpriest ends up either being banned or causing Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief to catch the ban hammer. This ability punishes the opponent for casting removal spells to get rid of it, and rewards you for using protection or pump spells that target it.

The Eternal Wanderer

The Eternal Wanderer is a value machine that comes with six mana and five starting loyalty. She works with plenty of control archetypes with a particular eye for lists that play to the board. In other situations, the token generation and board wipe abilities can help close out a game in the later turns.

Glory Dominus, Mondrak

Mondrak has the most teeth in Standard. This four-mana 4/4 creature doubles up token generation, which is a powerful ability in White decks. Currently, White decks are built around generating tokens for value by using spells like The Wedding Announcement and The Wandering Emperor. It can quite easily get an Indestructible counter and start mixing it up in combat.

All will be one.

This will be one of the breakout cards from ONE. All Will Be One is a five-mana Enchantment that deals damage to any target in proportion to the number of counters you control. It also triggers off Planeswalkers, creatures, and Sagas, all common in most decks in the format. Look for this spell to be a solid player in Standard over the next few years.