In Tower of Fantasy, how do you prepare a roasted drumstick with veggies?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you prepare a roasted drumstick with veggies? ...

The new limited-time Aida Cafe event is going strong, and players are raving about it. It features brand new rewarding activities. Among them is the Roasted Drumstick with Veggies, which is a simple recipe.

Roasted Drumstick with Veggies Recipe

Three different ingredients will be required to make the Roasted Drumstick with Veggies, one of which is a limited-time ingredient. Once you have collected those, you can go to any cooking bot, and in the creation tab, you may create the dish.

  • Tukey
  • Lettuce
  • Mushroom

Except for the turkey, these items can be obtained quite quickly. It's the main ingredient in this dish, and the most difficult to gather, but here's how to obtain all of the ingredients for Roasted Drumstick with Veggies in Tower of Fantasy.

To get turkey, you will need to defeat large hyenas. In Tower of Fantasy, however, hyena bases are the only excellent places to look for them. Many of their bases are in Astra, and you can easily defeat large hyenas. However, be aware that sometimes you might not get turkey.

Salad is available in almost every corner of the world, except for Warren Snowfield. However, it is recommended to look for them in the grassy areas of Astra. Lastly, to gather mushrooms go to Astra or Crown Mines region. You can use one from each ingredient in the cooker, and you will get a 100% success rate.