Ishin will only have a Japanese dub to protect its authenticity

Ishin will only have a Japanese dub to protect its authenticity ...

The surprise announcement of a remake of Like a Dragon: Ishin a few days ago caught Yakuza fans by surprise, particularly those who didnt expect the game to be released internationally until recent releases, such as Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, demonstrated a Western appetite for games more focused on Japanese history.

Fans of earlier Yakuza games, including Yakuza: Like a Dragon, may be surprised, as producer Masahiro Yokoyama said in an interview with Tojo Dojo that Ishin would only use Japanese voice acting rather than an additional English dub. One thing, previous Yakuza games, like Yakuza 0, still sold well, even with the English dubs in more recent games.

Yokoyama explained that translating modern Japanese to English and other languages is usually a much simpler process than the era-appropriate dialogue that Ishin offers. The repetitive nature of the language and the way people conversed during the Bakumatsu period [in which the game is set] would make the lines very long, so it just wouldn't work. Animation problems or stuttering scenes might arise.

On the plus side, there appears to be no indication that this will be the party line indefinitely, and any future Yakuza games might well include a full English dub for those who don't mind using subtitles. This decision appears to be more likely to be driven by the unique elements of Like a Dragon: Ishin.