Steve Carell is the week's performer

Steve Carell is the week's performer ...

Steve Carell | THE PERFORMER

Hulus The Patient | THE SHOW

THE EPISODE | Company (Sept. 13, 2022)

Carell will always be Michael Scott from The Office, which is understandable since that was one of television's greatest comedic performances of all time. However, his work on the Hulus taut psychological thriller might be his finest dramatic work yet. Therapist Dr. Alan Strauss tried his best to keep Sam from killing again.

Alan recalled the horror of Sam dragging a fresh victim, still alive, into a locked room next to him, attempting to calm the tension. (He kept his cool even when a beeping phone seriously heightened the tension).) As Alan replied, Carell choked back tears.

Alan became more desperate, with Carells voice becoming frantic and strained. But he prevailed, singing John Denvers Take Me Home and Country Roads together in a heartfelt moment.

Alan Cumming made his anticipated comeback this week via The Good Fight, which allowed Eli to become the worst version of himself and allow Cumming to fully embody the colorful role during their tense run-in near the hour end. And, of course, we get at least two more episodes of him!

HONORABLE MENTION | As music manager Earn, Atlantas Donald Glover is usually a friendly customer, unfazed by the strange situations surrounding him. In this week's second episode, Earn confessed to being kicked out of college after being accused of breaking into another student's dorm room, and Glover showed more emotion in that scene than weve seen in four seasons, breaking down in long-pent-up sobs.

FROM THE GO, Alan Tudyk brought out Harley Quinns Clayface with a fluid, wavering timbre, that was perfect for a being that has such a fragile mouth, especially during this seasons A Hard Waynes Gonna Fall arc, which he portrayed in the above biopic, although under the guise of Billy Bob Thornton. Tudyk had us in stitches, yet also feeling sorry for the unsung lug.

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