Here are a list of all the upcoming major free agents in League of Legends major regions

Here are a list of all the upcoming major free agents in League of Legends major regions ...

CompetitiveLeague of Legends has brought plenty of excitement, heartbreak, and electric moments for fans and players alike this year. Teams have fought fiercely for regional and international glory, and only a few have achieved the gold mark.

However, as we look at what 2023 has to offer, another exciting moment in theLeagueesports ecosystem is swiftly approaching, and no one has even begun to enter the Summoners Rift. Free agency talk has begun, and the offseason always brings plenty of excitement for supporters of all kinds. From blockbuster moves to surprising trades, theLoLEsports universe never knows what to expect when the year comes to an end.

Here is a list of all the major new free agents in the four major regions that enthusiasts should keep an eye on.

(Note: * indicates an Academy/ERL athlete, while ** indicates an Amateur player. Players who won All-Pro honors in 2022 are highlighted in the bold.

Upcoming LCS 2022 free agents

  • 100 Thieves Kim Ssumday Chanho
  • 100 Thieves** Rayan Sniper Shoura
  • Evil Geniuses Jeong Impact Eonyoung
  • Immortals Lee IgNar Dong-geun
  • Team Dignitas* Toan Neo Tran
  • Team Dignitas* Noh Gamsu Yeong-jin
  • Team Liquid Jo CoreJJ Yongin
  • Team Liquid* Sean Yeon Sung
  • Team Liquid* Bill Eyla Nguyen
  • TSM Colin Solo Earnest

Upcoming LEC 2022 free agents

  • Astralis Kasper Kobbe Kobberup
  • Astralis Andrei Xerxe Dragomir
  • Astralis Kiss Vizicsacsi Tamas
  • Excel Esports Erlend nukeduck Vatevik Holm
  • Excel Esports Mark Markoon van Woensel
  • Mirage Elyandra Liyu Cody Sun Sun
  • Misfits Gaming Vincent Vetheo Berrie
  • Misfits Gaming* Lucjan Shlatan Ahmad
  • Misfits Gaming* Oskar Vander Bogdan
  • Rogue Andrei Odoamne Pascu
  • Rogue* HampusMikael promisq Abrahamsson
  • SK Gaming Jean Jezu Massol
  • SK Gaming Janik JNX Bartels
  • Team BDS* Jus Crownshot Marusic
  • Team Vitality* Duncan Skeanz Marquet
  • Team Vitality* Mathias Szygenda Jensen

Upcoming LCK 2022 free agents

  • DRX Kim Deft Hyukkyu
  • DRX Cho BeryL Geonhee
  • DWG KIA Jang Nuguri Ha-gwon
  • DWG KIA Noh Burdol Tae-yoon
  • Gen.G Park Ruler Jaehyuk
  • Gen.G Son Lehends Siwoo
  • Gen.G Choi Doran Hyeonjoon
  • KT Rolster Kim Rascal Kwanghee
  • KT Rolster Kim Life Jeong-min
  • Liiv SANDBOX Lee Prince Chaehwan
  • Nongshim RedForce Jang Ghost Yong-jun
  • Nongshim RedForce Lee Effort Sang-ho
  • Nongshim RedForce Kim Canna Chang-dong
  • Nongshim RedForce Gwak Bdd Bo-seong
  • T1 Lee Faker Sanghyeok

Upcoming LPL 2022 free agents

  • Edward Gaming Park Viper Dohyeon
  • Edward Gaming Lee Scout Yechan
  • FunPlus Phoenix Kim Clid Tae-min
  • FunPlus Phoenix Lin Lwx Wei-Xiang
  • JD Gaming Seo Kanavi Jinhyeok
  • LGD Gaming Zhiqiang shad0w Zhao
  • LNG Esports Wang Light GuangYu
  • LNG Esports Kim Doinb Tae-sang
  • LNG Esports Hu Ale Jia-Le
  • Royal Never Give Up Li Xiaohu YuanHao
  • Royal Never Give Up Shi Ming SenMing
  • Royal Never Give Up Chen GALA Wei
  • Royal Never Give Up Yan Wei YangWei
  • Top Esports Zhuo knight Ding
  • Top Esports Yu JackeyLove Wen-Bo
  • Top Esports Gao Tian Tian-Liang
  • Victory Five Song Rookie Euijin
  • Victory Five Hung Karsa HaoHsuan
  • Victory Five Lee Rich Jaewon
  • Weibo Gaming Kang TheShy Seunglok
  • Weibo Gaming Hu SwordArt Shuo-Chieh
  • Weibo Gaming Le SofM Quang Duy