Apex Legends skins have been tweaked as Respawn addresses P2W concerns

Apex Legends skins have been tweaked as Respawn addresses P2W concerns ...

Respawn is updating Apex Legends skins in order to address community concerns about pay-to-win cosmetics. Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games and has had significant popularity due to its wide range of cosmetic microtransactions. However, a few weapon skins have received criticism from players who thought the ADS (aim down sights) was superior to other Apex Legends skins.

Respawn, the creator of Apex Legends, states that competitive integrity is and will always be a top concern for the game. As part of that, our default iron sights are designed to encourage players to loot for better optics. It also states, We also believe that skins shouldnt be a consideration in the sights functionality.

The first is the Heat Sink reactive skin for the VK-47 Flatline rifle. Respawn notes that some players felt the ADS was superior to any other skin available. Likewise, the Revelations skin for the Gaiden event has been given a tweak to improve visibility.

These enhancements to improve performance consistency across the entire breadth of the cosmetic offerings will certainly be welcomed. Respawn concludes by confirming that any competitive advantage in Apex Legends should be gained by improving your abilities, rather than due to perceived benefits from purchasing gun skins.

So far, the community has reacted positively to the news, with one highly upvoted comment saying, "Seems this is going to be good for the game in the long run." Many people are happy that they can now use more skins that they previously avoided because they were clunky but stylish, although some players are now concerned about their favorite cosmetics' future.

Apex Legends' new guns must be sexy and powerful, according to the creators, in order to succeed. Weve got an Apex Legends season 14 tier list and an Apex Legends map guide for you to pick from among the best free PC games currently on the market.