Should you keep it or give it back as a Hogwarts Legacy Astrolabe?

Should you keep it or give it back as a Hogwarts Legacy Astrolabe? ...

The Hogwarts Legacy is a trove of side quests with interesting characters. These quests are a great way to take a break from the main story and explore a number of other side characters who may end up being really helpful in the end. Some characters teach you new abilities that you would otherwise not know (like dark magic), while others make one-time appearances that will never be seen again.

Regardless, every quest rewards you with a fair amount of XP, a decent amount of galleons, or both. It's important to finish these quests whenever possible in order to hit the level limit as soon as possible, and unlock the necessary talents for your build to succeed.

When you complete these quests, you may choose to accept the default quest reward or to press the quest giver for additional rewards than initially requested. This can often strain the bond between you and the quest giver, but sometimes it works out okay depending on the character involved in the quest.

During the quest titled "The Lost Astrolabe," one such choice may be made.

Legacy of Hogwarts The Lost Astrolabe quest

As a prerequisite for this quest, you may fall into a Slytherin witch on a pier that overlooks the Black Lake. This girl is Grace Pinch-Smedley, and she is looking for her father's lost Astrolabe.

The Astrolabe was a treasured possession of her family, but her grandparents died in the lake. She will then ask you for help, and it will be up to you to discover her family heirloom. Start by jumping off the pier and following the marked line on the minimap.

Within this purple circular area, you will notice a few bubbling areas. These are dive spots and you can dive down to find a wide variety of treasures. Grace's family is a well-known figure. It's time to go back for your reward.

She will be grateful to you for returning the Astrolabe. There are three dialogue choices available.

  • I did. Here you are.
  • I did. And it’s yours, for a price.
  • I did. And I’m keeping it.

If you choose the first option, you will earn 180 XP. If you choose the second option, you will earn 20 galleons and a smaller amount of XP. If you choose the third option, you will retain the Astrolabe and earn Grace's ire. You also will lose the least amount of XP if you choose this option and make an enemy in the process.