Season 2 of Ghosts: The B&B's story of Sam and Jay

Season 2 of Ghosts: The B&B's story of Sam and Jay ...

When we get around to Thursday, September 29, the premiere of Ghostsseason 2 will be released on CBS, but there's something new to dive into a little early!

If you see the above image, you can see an extended season 2 teaser that clearly shows that Sam and Jay are continuing to work on the B&B, despite the fact that Woodstone Manor is occupied by a number of bygone spirits. This is one of many things that merits a laugh in this teaser, which introduces a fresh twist to the narrative.

Season 2 of the B&B will feature more guests coming in and out of the house. This allows the writers more time to experiment with the medium while still exploring what these characters are still holding.

Evidently, the expectations for this batch of episodes will be high, and we dont think that anyone will be completely surprised by that. The first season was such a wonderful surprise; CBS took a huge leap on this program, which does not fit into their traditional format for comedy; now, does it seem that it paid off? These episodes are filled with so much joy and anticipation, and we are just as curious to see what the future holds.