In Hogwarts Legacy, the best spell combos to use

In Hogwarts Legacy, the best spell combos to use ...

As you explore the story that unfolds in Hogwarts during the 1800s, you will notice a lot of unfamiliar faces walking along the familiar corridors that fans have seen and read about over the years, casting spells and displaying the magic that the series has become synonymous with.

You are in a unique situation. You have to catch up to the rest of your classmates who have four years' worth of spell knowledge and experience over you. As such, you are given a crash course of 34 different spells to learn and master, many of which are useful in combat. Others are useful outside of combat.

Some of these spells work in tandem, so it's best to cast them one after the other. For best results, we recommend picking up the abilities required to strengthen these spells by increasing their effectiveness or damage.

In Hogwarts Legacy, the best spell combos

While the possibilities are endless, there are a few that stand out and are relatively easy to master before you master some of the most devastating dark arts spells.

The first combination is fairly straightforward to pull off. First, you will need to acquire Sebastian's Disillusionment charm during your journey to the restricted section of the library. After that, you will need to acquire Petrificus Totalus, the whole body-bind curse. It's quite possibly the easiest thing to do because it goes together.

When you're out of combat, use the Disillusionment charm to make yourself invisible. Then sneak up on opponents until you're directly behind them. When you're close enough, the game will prompt you to use Petrificus Totalus, which freezes them and knocks them out immediately.

If you choose to go down this route, we suggest upgrading the Stealth abilities in order to avoid being detected by other enemies as you sneak up on your target.

This combo is intended for defensive purposes, but it also serves to deter an outright annoyance from particularly hostile creatures. Protego and Stupefy are two skill levels you learn during the game's intro, so learning how to chain a Protego to a Stupefy should be straightforward enough to stun them. Add a Force or Control spell to the combo and you have a perfect line of defense.

Depulso, Descendo, Flipendo, and Glacius are the best spells to use here, as they help you finish the fight faster. Descendo and Flipendo can also be enhanced to keep your opponent grounded while you deal with their foes.

A perfect cast should also break their shields if they upgraded their Protego spell. If you upgraded your Stupefy spell, it becomes an offensive spell that deals damage. Often, upgrading your chosen Force or Control spell will increase the spell's utility during the combo.

When you want to keep the enemy as busy as possible, this is the ideal control combo. Small enemies (no trolls or sentinels) who can easily be affected by control spells may start the game with Accio or Levioso, the choice of which is made easier depending on the shield the enemy has.

If the enemy has a purple shield, use Accio to break it and launch them toward you. If the enemy has a yellow shield, use Levioso to break it and ground them. Then continue the combo with three more basic casts, followed by a Depulso to send them flying.

If you position the enemy above a ledge, ending the combo with Depulso will send them off the edge, leading to an easy victory. This works even better if the enemy is highly armored or at a higher level than you, thus resulting in a quick conclusion to an otherwise long fight.

Next, we move from control and defense to damage. This combo specializes in causing a significant amount of damage while also preserving some form of control to keep enemies in place. Start off with Confringo to light the enemy ablaze, then release missiles to nearby enemies, setting them on fire as well.

When you cast basic casts on an Inferi and enemies with red shields up, they will freeze them to the spot. Ice shards will strike nearby enemies as well as if your Glacius spell is upgraded. Do this to hit as many clumped enemies as possible.

Finally, deploy a Diffindo to smash frozen enemies that have been clumped together. Diffindo will do over twice the damage to frozen targets, instantly defeating some enemies. An upgraded Diffindo will pass through the initial target and shoot the enemies behind as well, making it even more powerful.

The last combo is a very niche combination that can only be used in a one-on-one duel. First of all, get rid of the enemy when you freeze them in place. This will make them less aware of you and you will be out of combat.

This will enable you to defeat an otherwise difficult opponent instantly, but it won't work for larger opponents such as Trolls. It will still take down a substantial portion of their health, making the battle much easier.