Location of Brood and Peck in Hogwarts Legacy

Location of Brood and Peck in Hogwarts Legacy ...

A wizard who hasn't had his supplies, wand, and magical beasts is nothing more than a Muggle. You can find all of your necessary supplies at Hogsmeade, a nearby town.

As you progress through the story and your wizarding abilities and abilities increase, you'll need to return to Hogsmeade for rare supplies and items you otherwise wouldn't need. One of the shops you'll visit later in the game is Brood and Peck.

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Here's how you can get to Brood and Peck in Hogwarts Legacy, because both Hogwarts and Hogsmeade maps can be a bit confusing and rather unintuitive to navigate.

What is the role of Brood and Peck in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Shop of Requirements in Hogwarts Legacy is a shop located in Hogsmeade that sells various animal parts and other items of animal origin that you can use to upgrade your gear. The Elf, The Nab-sack, and The Loom are two of the rooms of Requirement that must be completed.

The following items may be found in Brood and Peck:

  • Thestral Hair 
  • Fwooper Feather 
  • Diricawl Feather 
  • Graphorn Horn
  • Puffskein Fur
  • Hippogriff Feather 
  • Niffler Fur 
  • Kneazle Fur
  • Jobberknoll Feather 
  • Mooncalf Fur 
  • Toad Warts 
  • Unicorn Hair

Location of Brood and Peck in Hogwarts Legacy

Brood and Peck is located on the north side of Hogsmeade, as mentioned previously. The easiest way to get there is to use the Floo Flame to North Hogsmeade then traveling north. Then, you'll see a purple dotted line that will take you to the exact location you pinned.