Marvel Snap's Top 10 Series 3 Cards

Marvel Snap's Top 10 Series 3 Cards ...

The huge variety of comic book hero and villain cards is split across pools determined by your Collection Level. Starting at Collection Level 475, Series Three is the first pool of new cards to unlock in Marvel Snap at the moment, marking the beginning of the end-game for collecting new characters and cards.

After three months, Series Four and Five are released, and that's where all the latest and finest cards are added, but Series Drops move cards down to Series Three every few months, so things are always changing.

The deck of cards to draw from here is larger and more varied in power level. With this variation in power level, there are some clear winners and losers. This list, however, will focus on the finest of the best cards you will find in Serie Three.

Here are the top ten Marvel Snap Series Three cards.

The Top 10 Marvel Snap Pool Three Cards

When players get the Limbo location, which gives them a seventh turn in their match, it dramatically alters the strategies that both players must employ. Magik is a unique card since she changes whatever location she's played on into Limbo, creating super interesting dynamic shifts mid-game.

Magik isn't a one-dimensional sacrificial card with no other value than the additional turn she provides, and possessing three power gives her the edge she requires to be a force to reckon with. Take your opponent off the hook and give them a seventh turn, transforming the match completely in your favor.

Doctor Doom is one of Marvel's finest Series Three cards, and they'll be surprised to learn that he's also a strong Series Three card, which may seem like a large investment.

Doctor Doom remains to be one of the finest six energy cost cards, and this is mainly due to his ability, which allows the player to summon two Doombots to each other. This means that you can acquire three five power cards for the price of one, which is particularly beneficial since most of the boss monsters will only affect their own location.

Mister Negative, a once meta-defining card, was recently slammed with the nerf hammer, transforming him far more balanced and in line with the rest of Series Three. Both cards that are already powerhouses are strengthened by this ability, as well as bolstering underpowered cards stronger than ever before.

Mister Negative, when revealed, allows the player to change the power and cost of all cards in your deck, and we don't have to explain how this completely changes the way your deck would operate, so much that players who use it would need to fill their deck with low-power and high-cost cards such as Iron Man and Arnim Zola, to name a few.

Absorbing Man is a four-cost, three-power card that has the On Reveal ability to copy the On Reveal ability of the last card you played, making him an extremely powerful card to combine with other players in the game.

In February 2023, he joined Series Three, becoming a must-have item for those attempting to reach Collection levels.

Absorbing Man is still quite solid in the same way that Mystique is for doubling up on some of the game's most powerful abilities.

Death is a fantastic reward for destroying your own cards, especially since she has a cost of nine, the highest of any card in Marvel Snap.

While on the surface the card may seem like it's almost impossible to summon since matches usually last just six turns, her ability, thanks to her, reduces the cost of Death by one for each card destroyed throughout the game.

Death makes way for turn six strats that are rarely matched by other final turn plays. She also works particularly well with Wave, and when two of the best cards in Series Three synergize together just the way you would expect things to, it will not look as good for the opponent.

Destroying your own cards may seem a little strange to an experienced player, but once you get to higher level play, you will notice there are decks that are exclusively geared around destroying their own cards.

Mystique is probably one of Marvel's finest Series Three cards, with a fantastic on-reveal capability that can transform the game if combined correctly.

The on-reveal ability for this card indicates that when this card is revealed if the last card that was played had an ongoing ability, Mystique's three-energy card gains it.

Mystique can enable them twice and can leave your opponent salty when they click the Retreat button.

Lockjaw is a unique card that appears in every game, and it is difficult to argue against its impact. It is a special card that often has entire teams built around it. Marvel Snap is largely balanced around the fact that powerful cards also come at a price.

Lockjaw is essentially "cheating things into play," since whenever you play a card in Lockjaw's location, it substitutes itself for a random card from your deck, thus allowing you to sneakily avoid incurring significant costs associated with summoning powerful cards.

This implies that with a decent amount of low-cost monsters, you may theoretically play all three of Lockjaw's locations, swapping them out for more powerful cards—essentially "cheating" for big cards you did not pay for.

Jennifer Walters may be a lawyer by the day, but she's She-Hulk by the night, fitting in nicely to several decks and synergizing with quite a few different cards. She's becoming a must-get if she appears in your Series Three card collection.

Sunspot can be used to build a deck around her generating energy by passing on turns and reducing her energy cost, thereby consuming an enormous amount of power in one turn, and she is especially difficult to deal with in Deathwave decks.

Even if you don't lower her cost by turn six, you can still use her for some big power on the last turn. However, She-Hulk gives you quite a few options to turn the tide in the final moments of a Snap match.

Wave, another card that you will see more often among the higher echelons of competitive play, is a master at manipulating card costs and is considered to be one of the most powerful in its niche, even if only one of the game's overall strengths.

Wave's on-revel ability limits the cost of every card in your hand to four during the next turn, making them unexpected powerhouses. It's often used in combination with Odin to "soft lock" opponents from playing multiple cards in their final turns.

Modifying card costs can stop a player in their tracks before they can run away with the game. On your turn five, you will have access to high-cost, high-strength cards that can be followed up with even stronger cards on turn six.

Wong has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable cards to play with when it comes to his unmatched utility.

Wong boasts an ongoing ability that allows effects at this location to take place twice on reveal, which easily transforms some of the lesser-known cards into absolute beasts, providing them with buffs and extra advantages for the cost of one.

White Tiger or Ironheart, powerful on-revelal cards, can benefit greatly from this, while also increasing the effect of Discard synergies. Turn four is often the climactic setup turn for many decks based around having powerful, unparalleled turn sixes, allowing Wong to fit perfectly into such game plans.

Wong's association with Mystique is currently one of the worst in the game, quadrupling the On Reveal abilities of two additional cards.