TFT Corrupted Cup NA Live Broadcast: How to Watch It

TFT Corrupted Cup NA Live Broadcast: How to Watch It ...

The Teamfight Tactics Corrupted Cup in North America, the final tournament prior to the Mid-Set Finale, has partnered with Riot Games and Wisdom.

With the conclusion of the NA Corrupted Cup, players qualified for the tournament through ladder snapshots (the top-ranked 152 players) and through a top-eight finish at the Defender Cup. The Corrupted Cup was divided into two weekends, with the second half having a broadcast.

A total of 32 TFT players advanced from the first half of the Corrupted Cup, joining the top 24 NA players from the ladder snapshots and the top eight from the Defender Cup. The top four from the Corrupted Cup will advance to the Mid-Set Finale, scheduled to take place from March 3 to 5.

The TFT Set Eight Corrupted Cup's Broadcast and Format

The first two days of the competition were canceled. Twitch allows viewers to watch the broadcast on February 18 and 19 at 3pm CT. Fans may also view individual streams of the player, separate from the broadcast.

Day three of the Corrupted Cup will feature 64 players and a total of six games, with lobbies being reseeded every two rounds. Only 32 TFT players will advance to the final day, which will feature a new top-eight format during the Set Eight season. Bonus points that carry over into day four will be awarded to the top 12 players from day three of the Corrupted Cup.

The top 32 NA players from the Corrupted Cup will compete in five games, with the top 16 advanced to game six, and the top eight advanced to game seven. Only the top four receive a direct invite to the TFT Set Eight Mid-Set Finale.