A VALORANT coach demonstrates how one simple training drill can help you land better shots

A VALORANT coach demonstrates how one simple training drill can help you land better shots ...

The outcome of a fight in VALORANT can sometimes be determined even before it begins. In some situations, strategy may give you the edge, but it's just one part of the story.

Players need to have an accurate aim to shoot exactly at the correct spot and kill their opponent before they can react. Even from a better position, a player will likely lose if they miss shots.

There are countless techniques that can assist a player in perfecting their shooting abilities. Even before you start your first game, spend time in the firing range as a warm-up exercise.

Yesterday, VALORANT coach Woohoojin presented a simple training session that can help you land better shots in many situations. It's intended to utilize the "deadzone," a brief time window where players can shoot accurately even if they're not moving.

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"Deadzoning is a firearms technique that allows you to fire accurate bullets while changing direction," Woohoojin explained in a video. It differs from counter-strafing, which exploits the deadzone for a different purpose.

Most players have already encountered opponents who were going from left to right very swiftly. And when you do something right, the opponent will shoot you, even if you both have similar aiming accuracy.

The technique is effective because you'll be harder to target. However, if you can't shoot while moving, there is no point in doing this as you'll also make aiming harder for yourself.

In the firing range, a simple training drill is offered.

The training drill in Woohoojin allows players to identify a deadzone's location in order to use it in a game. You may train with all your favorite weapons just to get a more accurate feeling. Here's how to do it.

Focus on the center pole of the firing range. Aim at its left, then left, and shoot again. The objective is to be aware of when the bullet will go astray due to your move and when it will not.

Once you understand the deadzone's size, aim left, then right, then left, and so forth. The wall should look like this, with bullet holes:

The coach outlined some strategies for more efficient practice:

  • Only press one movement key at a time.
  • Shoot until you are completely accurate.
  • Move on to bot practice when it’s done (aim at the bot’s side and shoot accurately using your movement key instead).
  • When you’re satisfied with your accuracy, increase the training bot program’s difficulty to medium, and then hard.

The deadzone is a simple technique that has a practical application. It won't be useful in every round, but it's easy to learn and can make a difference.