How to Watch MTG Pro Tour Phyrexia Philadelphia

How to Watch MTG Pro Tour Phyrexia Philadelphia ...

The first tabletop Magic: The Gathering tournament since 2020 is returning with the Phyrexia Pro Tour in Philadelphia, featuring over 250 of the world's top players.

In 2020, tabletop MTG tournaments were put on hold due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which was the last tabletop tournament to be played before the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The first Pro Tour tabletop tournament will take place in Philadelphia during the Phyrexia MagicCon.

Broadcast for the MTG Pro Tour in Philidelphia

The Pro Tour Philidelphia will be broadcast throughout the three days of competition via Twitch, starting at 10am CT. Days one and two of the event begin at 8am CT.

Maria Bartholdi, Paul Cheon, Cedric Phillips, Eilidh Lonie, Marshall Sutcliffe, Mani DaVoudi, and Corey Baumeister are among the players who will be casting in the tournament.

What factors aided MTG players in their selection for the Phyrexia Pro Tour?

MTG players have a wide variety of choices that may lead to an invite to one of three Pro Tours scheduled for the 2022-2023 season, as shown in the new organized play rules.

  • The top four players from the MTG World Championship XXVIII earned invites to all three Pro Tour tournaments during the 2022-2023 season.
  • Players who finished 9-6 or better at the SNC Championship in May 2022
  • Top finishers at Regional Championships.
  • Earning seven wins during day two of an MTG Arena Qualifier Weekend
  • Magic Online Regional Championships and the top eight from the MTGO Champions Showcase
  • A total of 64 bonus invites for Regional Championships during the 2022-2023 season to start the system.
  • Each Magic Hall of Fame member gains one invite per season.

What are the MTG formats used at Pro Tour Phyrexia?

The top-tier Magic players from across the world will gather in Philidelphia for the first Pro Tour of the 2022-2023 season. Players will compete in two formats: Draft and Pioneer Constructed. Any player who achieves a total of 12 match victories during the first two days automatically advances to the top-eight playoff bracket on day three.

The first two days of the draft will feature the new MTG set, Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Pioneer Constructed will follow, while only Pioneer Constructed will be played in the top-eight playoff bracket.

Day one will feature rounds one to eight, while day two will feature the final Swiss rounds of nine to 16. Day three gameplay is solely Pioneer Constructed in a best three out of five games for each round of the playoff bracket.

Players who finish with a record of 12-4 or better at the Pro Tour Philidelphia will be eligible for a direct invite to the 2022-2023 Magic World Championship. Match points also matter as the top 32 players with the most adjusted match points from the season will also be invited to the Worlds.