Scaramouche is returning in the Genshin Impacts 3.1 patch, and he's causing havoc

Scaramouche is returning in the Genshin Impacts 3.1 patch, and he's causing havoc ...

The upcoming 3.1 patch will continue to expand on players' journeys in the recently added Sumeru region and introduce a desert region to explore. Additionally, players can expect featured banners for characters Cyno, Candace, and Nilou.

The next patch from Hoyoverse will be released on September 28 and will take the Traveler on a desert adventure. The Eremites are a group of desert dwellers called the Eremites, who are clamoring to resurrect the deceased Scarlet King. Most significantly, the much-anticipated Dottore and Scaramouche from the Fatui Harbingers appear in this tale.

This patch will also include a new character, Mika, who is introduced, and we will be able to learn more about our resident wolf-boy, Razor. This will be the first time we discover his origins.

A new boss fight will be introduced in the Sumeru update, which will include vast sand dunes as well as larger, more populated areas to explore. Aaru Village, a small village nestled among worn stone walls, is a safe haven for scholars removed by the Akademiya.

Cyno (also known as General Mahamatra), Candace, and Nilou are three new playable characters in the game. Candace is a five-star polearm user who also uses polearms, but is a Hydro character who uses a special shield as part of her Elemental Skill.

Here are the characters you can imagine on the 3.1 Genshin Impact banners.

The first phase of the banner will feature two different banners, one for Cyno, and a rerun for the Anemo archon Venti. Candce will be featured alongside them in both banners.

Nilou will be introduced in the second phase of the 3.1 patch, as well as a rerun for Albedo, the alchemist.

The Genesis Crystals top-up shop, where you can get them once more, will be revamped to commemorate the game's two-year anniversary.

Update: This post has been updated to include additional information on the 3.1 Genshin Impact patch.