When will the Apex Legends 2023 Anniversary Collection Event begin?

When will the Apex Legends 2023 Anniversary Collection Event begin? ...

Season 16 of Apex Legends is coming to an end, and it will transform the game experience like no other.

Legends and items will be affected by a variety of balance changes, as will Class passives, and new class passives will be introduced. Several quality-of-life enhancements will also be included in the game.

This shouldn't be an overshadowing of the next major event. Apex Legends' fourth anniversary is coming up shortly, and it's going to give players a lot of rewards for overcoming various obstacles.

Through a community-created rewards track, players will be able to get Crypto and Ash for free beginning every week.

Players will have to wait a little longer for the corresponding event to arrive on live servers, while Apex's official fourth anniversary occurred on February 4.

The release date for the Anniversary Collection Event is given here.

What time does Apex Legends' 2023 Anniversary Collection Event begin?

The Apex Legends 2023 Anniversary Collection event will be held shortly, so players should prepare. Its official release date has been set for tomorrow, February 14.

According to the developer's latest blog entry, the event will begin at 1pm CT. Both will be for a week, which means the event will finish on February 28.

Here are a list of all the changes that will be introduced in Season 16: all Legend balance adjustments, new classes, game mode rotation, and weapon modifications.