Adin Ross is being cautioned by XQc for following Andrew Tate's dangerous lead

Adin Ross is being cautioned by XQc for following Andrew Tate's dangerous lead ...

XQc is by no means the perfect role model, but as a professional streamer, he had some words of wisdom for Adin Ross last night when the young streamer announced he would begin streaming on Kick.

Kick is a newer platform that is still in beta, but as it is early in its history, it has already been chastised for some of its alleged links to the Stake gambling company and for lacking discretion, according to former Twitch employee DJWheat.

Ross' actions mirror some of the ways that controversial online figure Andrew Tate behaves and interacts with his audience, according to xQc. Tate is currently being detained in Romania on charges of human trafficking.

“He’s trying really hard to emulate the things that are happening to Tate,” he added. “I don't think he truly wants it. I don't believe he understands what is going to happen. But he's still emulating them.”

Ross appears to be exhibiting some of the traits that Tate has had in the past when it comes to publicizing his controversial views to a large audience. xQc seems to think that Ross is attempting to change Tate's playbook by leaning towards the notion that Twitch isn't interested in allowing fans to know what's really going on.

In a YouTube video titled "They tried to silence me," Ross said that Twitch prevented him from doing and saying certain things, which he did not disclose. However, in the process, he left the door open for returning to Twitch if his community preferred the more established platform.

Trainwreck announced that he would continue to stream on Kick, but he said that he would still stream on Twitch. Both streamers remain partners on Twitch because of a change in the platform's rules about affiliate and partnered creators that took place last year.