How to Open the Lower Hogsfield Treasure vault in the Hogwarts Legacy Treasure vault

How to Open the Lower Hogsfield Treasure vault in the Hogwarts Legacy Treasure vault ...

The vast magical world of Hogwarts Legacy is packed with treasures for players to discover. However, most of the treasure is locked away behind unique puzzles that offer no instructions but instead require players to solve it themselves. Some of the puzzles are fairly self-explanatory, while others may be more challenging.

This is a puzzle that players encounter relatively early in the game, so it may be one of the first times they're tasked with completing a treasure vault while using certain spells.

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The symbols that are present in any Hogwarts Legacy puzzle will usually assist players in deciphering how to solve it. The Lower Hogsfield puzzle does indicate one spell that players will need to use to unlock it, but the other isn't illustrated, which will likely leave many players confused.

To open the treasure vault in Lower Hogsfield, Hogwarts Legacy spells are required.

Before you open the Treasure Valet in the Lower Hogsfield area, ensure that you have unlocked both Accio and Incendio. Both spells may be obtained fairly early on in the game, with Accio being learned by completing Professor Hecat's first assignment.

The Hogwarts Legacy treasure vault in Lower Hogsfield is both very close to Hogwarts castle and located just north of the town. It's best to enter from the top of the cliff because it's the easiest to complete.

Step-by-Step How to Open the Hogwarts Legacy Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault

Use the Accio spell to pull the cube into the puzzle base once you have seen both the puzzle base and the cube. This should go smoothly as long as you are standing on the cliff above.

Jump down and approach the puzzle base once the cube has been placed. It will begin to glow orange, indicating that you must now cast Incendio on it.

After you cast Incendio, the treasure vault will immediately open. You may now go inside to discover one chest at the end of the vault that will grant a random gear item.

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