With Lightfall, Destiny 2's crafting system will undergo significant improvements

With Lightfall, Destiny 2's crafting system will undergo significant improvements ...

Bungie's quest for weapon crafting in Destiny 2 for The Witch Queen expansion has been a successful one, although it's flaky in its current state. Random rolled world drop weapons have intrinsically little value to them, as a result of their higher customization.

Bungie hopes to address these flaws and issues in their Lightfall expansion. Today, director Joe Blackburn released a lengthy state of the game report, revealing that crafting will undergo a major overhaul this year. That includes refocusing on how many new weapons you may acquire.

"We've found that the path to getting the weapons you want to craft is too random," Blackburn said. "We also believe that weapon crafting being a part of so many of our weapon chases has reduced the enjoyment of simply getting a great reward as a drop."

Since The Witch Queen's seasonal releases began to form, the balance between crafting and the classic looter shooter experience Destiny provided has been a bit out of sync. Bungie wants to change the dial to make that happen more often, and doing so will reduce the focus on that system.

Beginning with Lightfall, fewer of our total weapons will be craftable, and more of our weapons with long-term sources will earn value from random reward rolls, according to Blackburn.

More and more weapons in this category are being given the ability to be enhanced, making them more susceptible to being leveled up, using mementos, and even obtaining enhanced versions of their advantages.

Even upgraded versions of these guns will not be able to be reshaped, unlike crafted weapons. However, if you already have the god roll due to the luck of a random drop, you will no longer be at a permanent disadvantage compared to someone who crafts the god roll with enhanced versions of the same features.

Bungie intends to expand the system to more non-crafted weapons that are already available in the system as the year progresses. "Technical hurdles" that exist currently must be addressed first, according to Blackburn.

The quality-of-life improvements for craftable weapons will also be included. This is mainly focused on simplifying the acquisition process of a craftable weapon's pattern, which may be inconsistent with the current system of random Deepsight drops and limited Deepsight availability at seasonal vendors.

One of the proposed changes is making Deepsight so that players will only see it on weapons they need to make pattern progress on. “When you see a red border in-game, you will immediately recognize it,” Blackburn said, referring to the frequency with which Deepsight Resonance is currently applied on non-craftable weapons or weapons players already have the pattern for.

Season of the Deep will see a second change, which would involve "adding a mechanism to activate Deepsight on any craftable weapon," which players have no clue about, but we can expect far more details as Season of the Deep approaches.

Destiny 2's traditional random loot systems will be able to function much better than they are currently using during the year of Lightfall.