Locations of all Hogwarts Legacy astronomy tables

Locations of all Hogwarts Legacy astronomy tables ...

While exploring or questing around, players will often come across rare, secretive items throughout Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade, and the Wizarding World beyond.

Following their astronomy class in Hogwarts Legacy, players will receive an interactive collectible. This task requires players to create an outline of a constellation with stars in the night sky.

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a total of eight Hogsmeade Demiguise statue locations.

Here's where you should go if you want to complete the astronomy table challenges and unlock your cosmetic item.

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find Astronomy tables?

Once players have completed their first astronomy lesson, there will be 15 total astronomy tables scattered throughout the map. The vast majority of these can be found throughout the Northern Highlands, while some will be south of Hogwarts Castle.

Northern Highland Astronomy Tables

South Hogwarts Region (Scorpius)Go west of the Forbidden Forest fast travel location.
Forbidden Forest (Draco)Will be found beside Hippogriff Den in center of the Forbidden Forest.
Hogsmeade Valley (Leo)Go west of Upper Hogsfield.
North Ford Bog (Centaurus)Fast travel to San Bakar’s Tower, look right.
Hogwarts Valley (Corvus)Near Brocburrow, found atop a hill outside a nearby hamlet.
Hogwarts Valley (Capricornus)Go to Keenbridge, table located at the top of a nearby tower.
Feldcroft Region (Lacerta)Found in the Northern Feldcroft region, by the cliffs near a bandit outpost.
Feldcroft Region (Horolugium)Near Rookwood Castle, table can be discovered on a hill just south to the castle.

Astronomy Tables in the Southern Highlands

Poidsear Coast (Hydra)Go to a hill in the opposite direction of the South Poidear Coast Floo Flame.
Marunweem Lake (Canis Major)By cliffs hanging over a bandit outpost.
Manor Cape (Sagittarius)Near the edge of the peninsula, by Henrietta’s Hideaway.
Cragcroftshire (Cetus)Travel to Cragcroft hamlet, head southeast.
Clagmar Coast (Lupus)Go to Clagmar Castle and travel south to the cliff hanging over Graphorn Den.