Dani Soares Talks About Her Struggle as a Single Mom on Below Decks

Dani Soares Talks About Her Struggle as a Single Mom on Below Decks ...

Dani Soares, a former Below Deck Sailing Yacht stewardess, has spoken open with fans in the past about the difficulties and difficulties of being single mother and raising her baby Lilly on her own in Australia.

Soares published a new story in September 2022, about pursuing a nursing degree while raising her daughter on her own. According to Soares, the father of her baby is her Below Deck co-star Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux.

The Brazilan posted a photo of her face and wrote in the caption, Here is another inspiring photo. She said she was on her final semester at the university for the year, and that it was her toughest term yet!

My last hospital stay was able to afford to pay for Lilly's care in the morning. My next assignment will be next month, and I will not have time to pay for it so I'm saving every penny to cover the expenses.

Soares explained that she wants to share the update with others in order to assist others. I dont want you to feel alone, she wrote. Most of the time instagram is all about the perfect life, the big houses, the mothers that managed to put make up on every day. We got this.

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After sailing an under-deck yacht, Soares revealed that she wanted to pursue a nursing career.

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Soares mentioned in the past that she wanted to be a nurse and revealed that she would leave the school in April 2021, according to The Daily Dish. I love it. I literally love every aspect of it. And I'm really excited about it.

Soares revealed on an episode of Pita Party with her former co-stars Alli Dore and Daisy Kelliher that she wishes to keep studying after her daughter was born. It works very well with a school holiday, she said. So, at least, you know, I can go back to studying slowly and then after work.

After she completed a first aid course on a few boats, she told Bravo, I just wanted to do something that I can be like, im actually helping, im actually changing peoples lives, you know?

Soares said a real parent puts their kid first.

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After Soares announced her pregnancy following the season, Cerza-Lanaux confessed publicly that he was unsure about his paternity.

Cerza-Lanaux did not reveal that his daughter Lilly was born until January 2022. Soares admitted in a couple of Instagram Stories that she was struggling financially and that Cerza-Lanaux was not carrying her weight.

In May 2022, show captain Glenn Shephard told Us Weekly that he heard that Cerza-Lanaux was now involved in a bit more and was establishing a college fund for Lilly. He talks to her regularly on zoom because theyre so different. He has to keep working obviously and I dont think he can leave Australia and start a job.

Soares posted on Instagram on August 13 that her daughter was always My top priority! Only a genuine parent understands that life is no longer about you, but about the way you lived and created this world and everything you do is for her.