When does Destiny 2's Season of Defiance (season 20) begin?

When does Destiny 2's Season of Defiance (season 20) begin? ...

Season of the Seraph is still in the works, but Season of Defiance (season 20) is coming out. Together, they'll bring a wide spectrum of changes to Destiny 2's systems.

The expansion of Lightfall will allow players to alter gear and build on a whim, as well as bringing significant modifications to buildcrafting in Destiny 2. Some of the combat style mods that have left will probably be gone, but the addition of Guardian Ranks will make it easier for players to unlock mods rather than having to visit Ada-1 daily to see what she has in stock.

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Season 20 and Lightfall are just a few of the many new enhancements to the seasonal model that have been requested by the public.

Destiny 2's start date and time for Season of Defiance (season 20)

Season of Defiance will begin at reset on February 28, alongside the release of Lightfall. Season 20 will kick off at reset as usual, although players will likely encounter some queues going in due to the congestion from the Lightfall release. Lightfall maintenance will also begin at 11am CT on February 27, 24 hours before the expansion's release.

Season 20 of Defiance will differ from the previous seasons, and this will not be because of its theme and plotline. Bungie will continue to overhaul the seasonal model throughout Year Six, starting with Lightfall. According to a blog post, players will not need to withdraw from seasonal activities if they want seasonal rewards.

Umbral Engrams and Umbral Energies will go away for good, leaving room for other systems in their place. According to Bungie, focusing will also only require "Glimmer and a Seasonal Engram." According to the blog post, seasonal vendors will instead be contained, keeping players from getting ten Umbral Engrams in their inventories (and another dozen or so in the Postmaster).

Bungie will also modify the seasonal currency structure at the end of a seasonal activity. As part of the upcoming complexity pass, players won't need to go through several different arcane currencies to receive seasonal rewards. According to the blog post, players may also receive keys that will "allow you to extract better rewards from the chest at the end of a seasonal activity."

Season of Defiance is just the first set of changes, and Bungie will take your comments on the new systems throughout the season.