Why is Adin Ross streaming on Kick?

Why is Adin Ross streaming on Kick? ...

Adin Ross announced over the weekend that he'll begin experimenting with live broadcasts on the new platform Kick, which is still in beta.

Ross was banned from Twitch for a week in January, and yesterday he posted on YouTube saying Twitch would permanently suspend him if he continued to perform certain actions on the platform, although he did not reveal what those were.

Ross said he isn't completely committed to Kick, but he's excited about the effective anarchy of the platform, which he believes has no rules.

"I'm not permanently going there," he added. "I want to feel it out, and I want to make sure that my community does as well."

Adin Ross' decision to Kick is explained.

Ross has not disclosed any sponsorship with Kick, and it's unclear whether or not he was encouraged to stream on the platform. He has previously done gambling content with the online casino Stake, which has connections to the new platform.

Adin Ross is being cautioned by XQc for following Andrew Tate's dangerous path.

Ross stated that he wants to watch live sports and movies on Kick so that he may do whatever he wants with no repercussions.

"We can literally watch porn together," he said. "If I wanted to, we can do whatever the fuck we want." There are no restrictions on what you can say in my chat. Nobody can get fucking banned."

Kick's terms of service mentions intellectual property rights and copyright works, stating that it requires creators to have the licenses and consent to stream certain things. However, it does not appear to enforce those rules.

Ross' first Kick stream revealed that he was televising a livestream of the Super Bowl on Fox last night, something he would most certainly need to get permission to do.