Weapons from Wild Hearts are interchangeable

Weapons from Wild Hearts are interchangeable ...

Wild Hearts is introducing players to a new approach to the giant monster fighting genre, allowing them to use their favorite weapons against huge monsters. Many have proposed that this new series from KOEI TECMO GAMES, published by Electronic Arts, would resemble the legendary Monster Hunter series, which has been wildly successful for nearly two decades.

The most enjoyable part of the innovative new Wild Hearts game is that it isn't tied to the series' trademarks that a game like Monster Hunter is. Here's all you need to know about all of the Wild Hearts weapons you can use to defeat monsters.

What are Wild Hearts' weapons?

There are a number of weapons that will require some research to determine which one suits you best, just like in the Monster Hunter series. The developer has listed the weapons on its website for those who want to know what they are.

The other part is a medium-sized dagger that attaches to a metal claw that connects to your enemy's claw. This grapple feature will keep your enemies from getting too close, but it likely suffers less damage than its heavier counterparts.

The bow is likely to provide a lightweight and versatile experience with the sacrifice of some damage. It will be a great asset to players who want to keep their distance but don't want to sacrifice their range of movement.

This is one of Wild Hearts' most basic melee weapons, and one of the first shown when the game started showing off gameplay. This item will allow for flexible attacks that can even extend into a whip-like strike to cause severe damage to your opponent. The Katana will work as many players' standard melee weapon, but tank players may want something heavier.

The inclusion of the Wasaga as a weapon is quite unusual, since it can be changed between sword and shield, with the blades on the edges aimed at any creatures in your path. By pointing the umbrella at your enemies, you'll be able to counteract damage.

This large tube of a weapon looks like a pirate ship cannon, although players will serve as the weapon's base. This is a heavier-ranged weapon that provides more damage likely at the cost of mobility.

This is a much larger and wider sword than the Katana, as it serves as the great sword in Wild Hearts, allowing for more damage without having to deal with the swings being slower. This is the most powerful weapon in these Monster Hunter-type games, so it's likely to do plenty of damage for those who understand how to use it.

The Maul, which appears to be a massive wooden hammer, is a powerful weapon that players may use to smash the enemies that get in their way. It's likely to wreak havoc on movement, although some believe it's a simpler technique to learn versus the Nodachi.

The Karakuri Staff is unassuming at first, but it can be used in a multitude of different ways, either as a staff with blades or as a dual-wielding weapon. This versatility is likely to appeal to players who frequently want to change their combat style mid-fight.

Wild Hearts has announced all of these weapons, but more may be revealed when the game finally launches on February 16.