Montes' proposal + raising questions: Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers

Montes' proposal + raising questions: Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers ...

Welcome to day 74 of Big Brother 24! There is still a little more than a week left in the season, and at this point, we do see a pretty clear path to the end.

The power of Veto affirmed much of the season's future. Had Brittany or Taylor won the power, there's a possibility we'll be looking at something more dynamic or at least worthy of strategic debate. Because Monte won it, nothing else matters.

Do we think that Taylor might be able to persuade Turner to evict Brittany? Sure, but she knows that he is a level-headed guy who isnt going to do anything that he knows is against his best interest in the game. If Turners wins the game, he probably takes him over Taylor.

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Monte and Taylor solidified further the final two they discussed earlier in the day. Sure, they are a showmance, but there is a strategic component to this as well. (We personally think Taylor would still rather take Brittany to the final two, but she knows that she doesnt have that option.) Monte is backing off taking Turner; he wouldnt 100% state to him yesterday that he wanted him to the end.

Taylor and Monte ALSO questioned whether or not Turner might be lying about his role in the eviction of Alyssa, but they both doubt it. As much as Brittany may deny it, they both believe she was the one who attempted to evict Taylor, and theyre right. It was at this point that Kyle's trust in her began to wear out. She's tried a number of lies on him that he hasnt believed.

Will there be additional second guesses in the next few days? Probably. Remember that these people have a lot of time left before Thursday; they're going to get bored.

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