In WoW: Dragonflight, how do I get Mythic+ Keystones?

In WoW: Dragonflight, how do I get Mythic+ Keystones? ...

To start off a Mythic+ dungeon in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, there's one essential item: a Mythic Keystone. Keystones are used by Mythic+ players to determine which level their Mythic+ run will take.

Mythic+ dungeons can grow in difficulty infinitely beginning at +2 difficulty. Most seasons, the best Mythic+ players will push difficult levels that rise beyond +30 difficulty.

Complete a Mythic zero dungeon, complete a Mythic+ dungeon, and receive a Mythic+ keystone in your Great Vault in three ways.

How to Get a Mythic Keystone

Complete a Mythic zero dungeon to get a keystone, or complete a Mythic+ dungeon to get a keystone. Your weekly key might also appear in the chest at the end of your first Mythic+ run of the week.

What item level gear do Mythic+ dungeons drop in WoW: Dragonflight?

A Mythic keystone will be waiting for you when you open your Great Vault the following week, assuming you completed your highest key in time. Your new key will be located in your Great Vault at another lower Mythic+ level.

How to Upgrade Your Mythic Keystone

By finishing Mythic+ dungeons in time, your Mythic Keystone will be upgraded by one level every week. Completing the dungeon with 20 percent of its timer remaining will increase the keystone's level by two, and completing it with 40 percent of its timer remaining will upgrade it by three levels.

If you don't complete the dungeon in time, you'll receive a keystone for the same instance, but one level lower.