The trailer for Invisible Demons gives us a dystopian perspective on New Delhi life

The trailer for Invisible Demons gives us a dystopian perspective on New Delhi life ...

Mubi, an arthouse company, has released the first trailer for the filmmaker Rahul Jains' next documentary Invisible Demons, which follows a handful of individuals as they navigate environmental degradation and dangerous summer weather in India's capital New Delhi. The film has been shown in Cannes, London, Seattle, Zurich, Athens, and Helsinki during a worldwide festival tour.

As serene music echoes over images of fires and garbage dumps, we see a quick glimpse of a kid lying on a ledge wearing a protective mask. Amid all of this, we see a shot of children celebrating Diwali and another of women offering prayers in the toxic waters of the river.

We have completely destroyed what the Lord has given us... We humans have done it, a voice says in Hindi. Another voice adds in English. India has been dubbed the world's fastest growing economy for the past 30 years, but I wonder who objectively benefits from this growth?

Climate change can be felt throughout the world, but in New Delhi, one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, the stakes are palpable. In the summer, temperatures soar above 110 degrees, reaching about 120 degrees. In the winter, the capital is engulfed by a toxic cocktail of pollution from industries, Diwali fireworks, and smoke from a process known as stubble-burning in the nearby states of Punjab and Haryana.

Jain, the director who directed the documentary Machines, has told Deadline that he has always been fascinated by the relationship between humans and nature. In his own words:

Because the most significant changes occurred in the 20th century, which was also the century of cinema, I wanted to investigate whether my observations about this could be made into a film.

All that Breathes, a documentary about Delhi, won the L'il dor at this year's Cannes Film Festival. On October 4, Invisible Demons will debut on Mubi. Click here to see the trailer and the film's official synopsis.

Invisible Demons takes you on a fascinating and emotional journey through the personal stories of just a few of Delhi's 30 million people who are battling to survive. Jain engages the senses by directly stimulating our desire to live in a world with equal access to clean air and water.