Rihanna's 10 best reaction memes to her pregnancy news

Rihanna's 10 best reaction memes to her pregnancy news ...

Rihanna has completely blown us away once more, and this isn't just due to her stunning Super Bowl halftime performance; she also broke the internet when it was revealed that she is expecting her second child, and while there are many congratulations to be had, some fans also are depressed.

The reason for this is a fear that the pregnancy will mean that there will be no new album released until after 2016, and fans believe they have been waiting for so long. She gave birth to her first child in May 2022 with rapper A$AP Rocky, and it now looks like their first child will be a sister soon.

Although the artist is extremely open to welcoming her unborn child into the world, she has a large number of other babies crying for her attention, including her fans. The news has quickly turned to worry about having to wait for another album from the Barbadian singer.

Several individuals were hoping for a different announcement.

Many were initially unsure, but suspicions grew throughout the performance.

For sure, this would be one of the strangest ways to announce a new album, and it certainly adds a new meaning to the birthing art.

Some of them are lashing out at the father.

Rihanna's performers rushing onto the field with the — ahem — miracle of conception, according to a fan.

Many fans had rather bizarre responses.

The amount of buzz on Twitter is truly astonishing!

Although this fan is grateful for the singer, this tweet also implies that he is "we're so happy for you..."

Many imagined what it must have been like for the infant inside during that performance.

After that, if this baby does not emerge a natural dancer.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's performance is fantastic and it demonstrates that you can never, ever underestimate what a pregnant woman can accomplish. This isn't an excuse to let them rest their feet!