Destiny 2's Birthright god roll and the best perks for The Militias

Destiny 2's Birthright god roll and the best perks for The Militias ...

The Militias Birthright was reissued in Destiny 2's Season of Plunder, giving fans a new set of rewards they can get on this grenade launcher. The Militias Birthright is now available as a Nightfall weapon, meaning that players may obtain it (with some luck) while performing Nightfall tasks.

The Militias Birthright has a few nice features, but it's not exactly the same as the other four Kinetic breech-loading grenade launchers in Destiny 2, and it's up against fierce competition. Even Season of the Splicers Ignition Code might roll Slideshot and Ambitious Assassin alongside Demolitionist and Vorpal Weapon.

The Militias Birthright will be useful for players who want a grenade launcher (especially one with Blinding Grenades), but there are a few other options that are equally as viable. The placement of the Auto-Loading Holster (in the fourth column instead of the third, as usual) weakens The Militias Birthright, but it isn't the end of the world for it. Here's our god roll for the Militias

Militias Birthright PvE god roll

  • Barrel: Quick Launch, Hard Launch, or Smart Drift Control.
  • Magazine: Blinding Grenades or Spike Grenades (Honorable mention: High-Velocity Rounds).
  • First perk (third column): Ambitious Assassin or Slideshot (Honorable mentions: Lead from Gold, Grave Robber).
  • Second perk (fourth column): Auto-Loading Holster, One For All, Frenzy, or Multikill Clip.

Destiny 2's weapon breakdown: The best Militias birthright bonuses

Both are among the best in their own right, and so deciding between them should be a matter of preference (or simply what your Militias Birthright rolled with). Ambitious Assassin can overload your magazine to two rounds upon getting kills, which allows you to refill your magazine more frequently. Slideshot, on the other hand, can refill your magazine by sliding.

Ambitious Assassin and Slideshot take a back seat, as well as Heavy ammo, which is useful for higher-level content. Grave Robber is more useful in higher-level content, because it's harder to kill enemies with melee attacks and being near-range can be dangerous.

If you want to use the Militias Birthright in PvP, you should pay attention to these benefits. They'll allow you to change weapons faster, which can be critical in the Crucible. Running them in PvE, however, comes with a substantial disadvantage due to the opportunity cost of missing out on Ambitious Assassin or Slideshot.

The third column of the Militias Birthright is due to its auto-loading Holster, which competes with damage-boosting features such as One For All and Frenzy. It may be counterproductive since both modes are useless since you never get mileage out of both at the same time. Pairing it with Slideshot allows you to refill the weapons magazine in two ways without having to wait for an animation.

One For All is the top contender for an automatic loading holster, which gives you a 35 percent damage bonus after dealing damage to three targets. If you're looking for a grenade launcher that's powerful, one For All will likely be your best shot.

Frenzy sits in the middle of One For All and Auto-Loading Holster, boosting damage, reload, and handling, which are the three main advantages you need in a grenade launcher. This isnt normally a problem, but it can be a good option in some scenarios.

Multikill Clip, on the other hand, is a solid boost to damage without many drawbacks. Its damage scales based on how many targets youve killed before you reloading, allowing you to benefit from both Ambitious Assassin and Slideshot (Ambitious Assassin will place two rounds in your magazine, meaning you must shoot twice before reloading).

The Militias Birthright allows for a wide range of playstyles, including melee kills, and melee kills that are often rare.

Both Blinding Grenades and Spike Grenades have their uses. Blinding Grenades is a common choice in Grandmaster Nightfalls and Master content because it prevents enemies from shooting at players, making the ever-present dangers less dangerous for the whole crew.

If you're looking for sheer damage, Spike Grenades will give you more firepower than Blinding Grenades. It's also useful with damage. Depending on what role you want your grenade launcher to play, this will be your main weapon.