Disney Dreamlight Valley's Soil Reactor

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Soil Reactor ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley has quickly become one of the most popular life-sim adventure games, and players have a lot of fun exploring this magical world. You will come across several biomes, each one offering unique ingredients and materials required to complete various quests in the game. This item is relatively easy to obtain via foraging.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, soil is required to craft several items, as well as for a few quests. For example, Mother Gothels My Kingdom for a Scroll quest requires players to forage 50 Softwood, 30 Soil, and one box of Electronic Components. So if you are looking to forage Soil quickly, we have you covered.

Where can I find Soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Players will find Soil in biomes like Plaza, Peaceful Meadows, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, and the Forgotten Lands in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This item is required to complete Merlin's quest to unlock the Dream Castle.

The Shovel Royal Tool will be displayed near the Chez Remys restaurant. Collect the item, equip it, and start digging in the grassy areas. Check the red circle on the above image to see the exact location of the Shovel. Players will get to collect enough Soil by simply digging at grassy areas in the biomes mentioned above.

When you have sufficient inventory, we recommend storing this item in the storage box at the players' house. Goofys Shop is a store that you need to repair and unlock by talking with Scrooge McDuck. Progress in Scrooge McDuck's questline to repair and unlock the Shop.